Fomo Lacquer

What is Fomo Lacquer?
Fomo Lacquer specializes in unique, small-batch, single run polishes. All shades from Fomo Lacquer will be in stock, until they are not; and they will NOT be restocked. 

Who Runs Fomo Lacquer?
Amber! Shes on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Why only Small-Batch, Single Runs?
Small batches give us at Fomo the chance to be as creative as we want without worrying if a key ingredient in that specific shade will be available again in the future. We try to use small businesses as frequently as possible, and its not always a guarantee we can reproduce the same polish twice based on supply. 

How did you come up with the Idea for Fomo Lacquer?
Well, this is a funny story. Amber's husband had been encouraging her to start a brand for a while, she kept declining. What would make her brand stand out against all the other Indies? Then one night, they were sitting around and he was drinking a small-batch bourbon. (We live in bourbon country, and collectors go nuts for small batch bourbon) and he says, "I'VE GOT IT! Small-batch nail polish!!!!" and well, the rest was history from there. Amber came up with the brand name that night; and the next day ingredients to start prototyping were purchased. 

How Many bottles are available for purchase?
As of right now, we are only selling One-Hundred Twenty Five (125) bottles per batch. If the demand exceeds the 125 bottle limit, we have a plan and timeline in place to increase the amount of bottles sold per release. **Special occasions may cause for an increase or decrease of launch. 

Shipping Donation!
At Fomo Lacquer, we don't want anyone discouraged from purchasing a polish from us, so we utilize a very small shipping threshold. But to make this work long term, there is a 'Tip to Help Ship" on checkout to help with the costs. 

Tips to help ship are NEVER expected. This is our version of a 'take a penny, leave a penny'. If you can spare a few extra dollars to cover shipping, AWESOME! if not- that's okay too!!! 

Currently offering Free Shipping within the US on orders over $15 USD. International orders have shipping automatically calculated from our distribution center to your front door. You are paying what we are for shipping.