Fomo Lacquer FAQ's

What is Fomo Lacquer?
-Fomo Lacquer is a small-batch, single run Nail Polish brand. Each Release will have a sales cap.

What is the Sales Cap?
-As of right now, we are only selling Fifty (50) bottles per shade. We do have an estimated timeline to raise this cap slightly in the future. Ways to help reach a higher cap sooner is to donate to shipping costs on checkout! 

What are the numbers on the bottom of the bottle?
-Each bottle sold out of our cap will have a hand written number on the bottom signifying which bottle your purchase was in the production line. If you are the FIRST order placed after launch, you will get bottle 1/50, If you are the 10th order placed, you will get bottle 10/50. (When/If the sales cap increases, the number will be out of how many bottles are listed for sale.)

Where does Fomo Ship?
-Fomo Lacquer ships within the United States, Canada and Mexico!!