Fomo Lacquer FAQ's

What is Fomo Lacquer?
-Fomo Lacquer is a small-batch, single run Nail Polish brand. Each Release will have a sales cap.

What is the Sales Cap?
-As of right now, we are only selling One-Hundred (100) bottles per batch. We do have an estimated timeline to raise this cap slightly in the future. Ways to help reach a higher cap sooner is to donate to shipping costs on checkout! 

How many bottles can I order?
-You can order as many bottles as you'd like, HOWEVER only we only allow one bottle per transaction. If you want to purchase multiple bottles, you must complete multiple transactions. 

What are the numbers on the bottom of the bottle?
-Each bottle sold out of our cap will have a hand written number on the bottom signifying which bottle your purchase was in the production line. If you are the FIRST order placed after launch, you will get bottle 1/100, If you are the 10th order placed, you will get bottle 10/100. (When/If sales cap increases, the number will be out of how many bottles are listed for sale.)

Tip to Help Ship!
Fomo Lacquer offers free shipping on orders of $15 or more shipped within the US. We give you, the customer, a chance to donate to shipping at checkout. We would like to maintain free shipping as long as we can, but with the rising costs in postage, Tips help with this and allow us to allocate more funds to production and expansion. (International Shipping is calculated at checkout by USPS.)

Where does Fomo Ship?
-Fomo Lacquer ships within the United States AND Canada!