Free Shipping Over $15

Fomo Lacquer wants to do what we can to make sure that everyone is able to pick up a bottle of our unique polish without having to worry about a shipping charge.

Yes! We have free Shipping with every polish! But, for us to continue doing this for every release- we do have an option upon checkout to donate to shipping costs. Please know this is NOT a mandatory charge, but for us to continue free shipping in future launches, donations would be greatly appreciated. (Orders under $15 have a $4 shipping fee)

We offer Three (3) different pre-set perfectnage options at check out for Tips to Help Ship! as well as a Custom tip option. Any amount tipped is appreciated. 

Where does Fomo Ship?
-Fomo Lacquer ships within the United States. We understand this is a frustration to international customers, as it is for us too. However, with the release of only a single polish at a time, it is not financially responsible for us as the sellers, or you as the customer to pay more for shipping than the cost of the the product.
-Shipping only in the US is heavily based on ingredients as well. Since we are small batch and create different formulas each release, We cannot guarantee international shipping on each release and that would be frustrating for our customers as well.