Free Shipping Over $15

Why does Fomo offer Free US Domestic Shipping over $15?

Fomo Lacquer believes that shipping charges should determine if you are able to purchase a polish or not. Instead of a MANDATORY shipping charge for everyone trying to pick up a few items here and there, we created a ‘Tip to Ship’ option for our US orders. 

Tip to Ship is our version of the old school ‘Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-Penny’ you’d see on the counter at the gas station. The way we see it, If you have a few extra dollars to pay towards shipping costs, AWESOME! If not, that's totally okay too! All orders, Fulfillment and packages are all treated with the same love, respect, and care. 

How does Fomo do International Pricing and Shipping?

Fomo Lacquer now ships internationally to Canada and Mexico via USPS. 

If you switch our website into Canadian Dollars (CAD) Or Mexican Pesos (MXN) you may notice that from time to time the prices may vary or have odd ending amounts. We have coded our website to track the current and live currency conversion rate to ensure International customers are not being over or under charged by rounding the amount up or down. 

International customers who place orders over $99+ (USD) Will receive FREE SHIPPING. Orders under this amount will receive a flat fee of $17 (USD) Shipping fee. 

In addition, When it comes to customs and duties, Fomo Lacquer does not pre-pay these fees. The customer will be responsible for any fees, taxes or duties their home countries charges upon package receival.