Where to Find them?
Instagram- @Haysalto
TikTok- @Haysalto
Twitter- @Haysalto
Youtube- @Haysalto
Beacons- @Haysalto 

Favorite Color?
Mint Green

Favorite Shade of All time?
"That's impossible to answer omg. I'll say Mint Mojito from Holo Taco because it's mint and its holo, but I also love anything thermal and glittery!"

Anything to tell the world?
"Hi!!! I love nail art and cats and sharing my creativity with the world and i'm so grateful that you all appreciate my work <3"

'Holo There, Hayden Bear!'

Three Coats, 'Ba-Humbug'

Three Coats, 'Awkward Family Dinner'

Three Coats, 'Oh, Bats!'

Three Coats, 'Take A Hike'

Three Coats, 'EIAS'

Three Coats, 'Holo Hooker'

Three Coats, 'Social Anxiety'

Four Coats, 'Beach in a Bottle'

Four Coats, 'Barbee Vomit'

Three Coats, 'Phoenix Fire'