Where to find them?
Instagram: @Nailsbystrawberrymilk
Tiktok: @Nailsbystrawberrymilk

Favorite Color?
My favorite color is purple in any shade, any formula, any finish!

Favorite Shade of all time? 
My favorite shade of all time from another brand is laven-duh from HoloTaco. My favorite shade from Fomo lacquer is Phoenix Ice! Phoenix Ice caught my attention for months and then it lead to me finally joining the FOMO Family. The formula is amazing, the color is beautiful, and the finish is so smooth and shiny!
Anything you want to tell the world?
Always be willing to try. It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea/goal is. It is never too early or too late to begin something new. I began my nail journey on the tiniest of damaged nails and now I am so proud of myself for taking the initiative to begin at all. It has boosted my overall confidence and I have found an amazing community to be a part of. 
What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
What intrigues me the most about Fomo Lacquer is the monthly drop. All the polishes I have purchased have amazing formulas, coverage, and are so unique! Every month I am surprised at the great ideas FOMO brings to life. It’s also exciting to know these polishes won’t be restocked, it’s like a sugar rush to press the checkout button. I also look forward to the new cuticle oil scents that come out every month; My favorite is cupcake sprinkles. Also, I will not miss out!

'Galaxy in a Bottle'

'Exploding Nebula'

Pillars of Creation Duo