Where to find them?
Instagram: @sedjames
Tiktok: @sedjames

Favorite Color?
Rose Gold

Favorite Shade of all time?

Non Fomo- Dimension Nails Empath 
Fomo- EIAS 

Anything you want to tell the world?

Don't give up on yourself or your dreams.

There is no "perfect" timeline so chase those dreams, find your bliss, and hold on to it. 

What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?

Oh man, do I have a character limit? I absolutely love the entire concept behind Fomo. I love that each polish created is unique and special to each month.  Knowing that each polish is going to be new and different each time is super exciting to see. Unexpected combinations are my favorite and Fomo gives us that time and time again and the end result is so perfect each time. We can also expect that we will have absolutely nothing similar to these polishes in our collections and it makes these polishes that much more special to me to have sitting in my nail room. Fomo also creates some of my favorite cuticle oil scents ever. My all time favorite cuticle oil scent is Haysalto's Coconut Cream ( can I use this as my plea to bring it back as a fan favorite special? 😂) So all in all I love everything Fomo and am so excited to be here and will be super excited and lined up each month waiting to see what's next!


Mercury in Retrograde