Where to find them?

Instagram - Sharonailz 
TikTok - Sharonailz 

Favorite Color?
I can’t just choose one. I love purples and greens the most. You also can’t go wrong with a good red and black

Favorite Shade of all time?
I have to go with rose-colored glasses by orly . Best base color to use , not too pink , not too creamy/chalky 

Anything you want to tell the world?
Do the things YOU love because YOU want to! Who cares what people think about the things that bring you joy, they have their own lives to worry about!

What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
I love the excitement of Fomo! This is such an amazing small company who doing amazing things in nail care! Gorgeous colors, great formulas and cuticle oils which scents that are delicious! Worst case of Fomo I ever had was the release of Barbie vomit, I didn’t even know about them yet. But all it took was 1 picture of a swatch and I was hooked!!