Where to Find them?

Instagram- @nails_along_trails OR @thisiskarley 
Twitter- @this_is_karley 

Favorite Color?

Favorite Shade of All time?
That's tough...probably Holo Taco's Play Rosé

Anything to tell the world?
Support your public lands! As a national park ranger, I cannot properly impart just how vital our national parks truly are; they were established for our benefit and enjoyment. Public lands represent our environmental, cultural and historical identities, and these treasures are IRREPLACEABLE. Love your earth properly today, because there is no Planet B, and get out there and explore.  

What Intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
Aside from how scarily similar my life is to the owner? Just kidding, kind of... 😂 My biggest thing is supporting small businesses and helping them thrive, along with the fact that this is some of the coolest nail polish you can get! I had never had FOMO, until I found FOMO Lacquer. 

Erica's Envious Emerald

Triple Crown

[Insert Shade Name Here]

Phoenix Ice

Crystal Shards

Holo There, Hayden Bear!

New Year, Same Shizz

Holo-Daze Miracle