Where to find them?
Instagram- @jennsnails82
TikTok- @jennsnails82

Favorite Color?

Favorite Shade of all time?
"That's a hard one. But I would have to say, KBShimmer Things that make you go bloom because it is the first indie polish and holographic that I ever owned. Unfortunately, it isn't available anymore. But a good alternative is KBShimmer Turning Pointe. "

Anything you want to tell the world?
In the words of Judy Garland:
"We have a whole new year ahead of us, and wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all be a little more gentle with each other, a little more loving,  and have a little more empathy. And maybe next year at this time, we'd like each other a little bit more." 
What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
"What intrigues me about FOMO Lacquer is the excitement of waiting to see that profile picture change and the rush of getting on and making that purchase. It's so much fun! "

'Holo There, Hayden Bear!'