Where to find them?
Twitter: @amandaswatches
TikTok: @amandaswatches
BABBS app: @amandaswatches

Favorite Color?
Favorite Shade of all time?
Glisten & Glow - Amethyst Skies 
Topped with Loud Lacquer's Holoback and/or Holo Taco's Scattered Holo Taco 
Anything you want to tell the world?
Be kind. Put as much love and positivity into the world as you can, even when the world isn't being kind to you. Also, support the small businesses with owners who put an incredible amount of love and work into bringing us quality products 💜
What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
Fomo Lacquer initially intrigued me because the business model is brilliant. A brand designed to keep us on our toes and build up the FOMO with each launch. Now that we've seen the first two polishes and know more about the brand, it is even more intriguing because insanely unique polishes can be created without fear of having to retire a polish because the special ingredients are no longer available. I've also gotten to know Amber and she is so kind and passionate about this brand. Support is easy to give when you see the passion behind the brand combined with polishes that will be unlike anything else in your collection that also give you a rush of serotonin when you manage to secure one for yourself! 

Three Coats, 'Barbee Vomit'