Where to find them?
Instagram- @nickspolish

Favorite Color?
pink! if i could live in a world where everything was pink, i think i would be happy (which is funny because i hate most pink polishes on my nails lol)

Favorite Shade of all time?
that’s a tough question! would it be a cop out to say “beach in a bottle” by FOMO? but if we’re talking about polishes outside of FOMO… i also have a very weird obsession with plain white creme polishes, i think i currently have 9 or 10!
Anything you want to tell the world?
people will always have a reason to think negatively of you, so do whatever you want as long as it’s not hurting anyone (without their consent *wink*)
What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
i really like how none of the polishes are truly dupable. like they’re truly unique and it’s fun and exciting when one of the polishes REALLY speaks to you! like… beach in a bottle really still has my heart… it was just a stunner