Arie Anne

Where to Find them?

Instagram- @arieanne_nails_

Favorite Color?

Favorite Shade of All time?
It’s no secret my favorite shade of all time used to be a pale pink to red thermal with black hex glitters called Play Your Cardinals Right from another brand. It’s been my second favorite since EIAS came out. EIAS is the perfect, juicy red. The red of my dreams. The red that makes all other reds green with envy. My heart will break the day I use the last of it.  Since both were limited, once they’re both gone, my favorite will be a gorgeous green glitterbomb called Everything Is Pine from another brand. 

Anything to tell the world?
I have Raynaud Syndrome. It’s a circulatory disorder that can cause my fingers (and toes) to become completely white, red, blue or even purple. I don’t generally take photos when my fingers are blue or purple. It can sometimes take a couple of hours for them to return to normal, so I’ll usually go ahead and photograph if they are just white, or a little red/pink. Because of that, there may be times my fingers in my swatch photos may be paler or “warmer” than usual. This is normal for me. 

What Intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
The uniqueness of the concept. Not just the actual concept, but the execution of it. The idea that the polishes, products, or scents themselves are also unique. I am constantly intrigued and amazed by the creativity of the polishes themselves, as well as the scents and various products that have branched out from those scents. It’s never going to be a dull month, even if a particular polish isn’t your thing. I love that!

Erica's Envious Emerald

Triple Crown

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Holo There, Hayden Bear!

New Year, Same Shizz

Holo-Daze Miracle