Dismynailart aka Grace

Where to find them?
Instagram: @dismynailart

Favorite Color?
Green! Give me all the greens! Although yellow has been calling to me lately, so Spiking Life’s Lemonade is my fave in the trio! 

Favorite Shade of all time?
I own more than 500, so it is incredibly hard to decide! It’s a toss up between Menchie the Cat Starrily version because it was a gift from my sister and Galactic by Enchanted Polish because it was a gift from my nail bestie @nailsbywrex and because it’s a Star Wars inspired polish (I love Star Wars so much I have a tattoo from it). I’m a little sentimental. Honorable mention to my fave Fomo Lacquer polish Holo There, Hayden Bear inspired by the cutest cat! One day, I will have a polish based on my dogs! 

Anything you want to tell the world?
I’ll share the quote I have framed on my desk which is “Have courage and be kind” from Cinderella (2015). I try to live by these words. I’ve never regretted being kind even if people did take advantage of it, but I have definitely regretted mean words and actions. Everyone could use a little kindness, and I strive to show that to people when I can. It seems like everyone is going through a lot or has been through a lot lately, so be kind and don’t forget to have courage when there is a lack of kindness toward you.

What intrigues you about Fomo Lacquer?
The Mystery! You never what is coming next! The type of polish and the color is always a surprise! FOMO makes trends and doesn’t follow them. Also, the coordinating cuticle oils and soaps are so fun! Don’t sleep on the soaps! My husband and I love them!