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Fomo Lacquer Decals

Fomo Lacquer Decals

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I ♥ Fomo Lacquer

Self-adhesive vinyl decals perfect for you car, windows, mirrors or any other flat surface you want to rep your love for Fomo Lacquer! 

These Matte Vinyl Decals are 7.47" in Width and 1.82" in Height, available in Black or White. 

To Apply Decal-
1. Clean the surface you’re applying the decal to thoroughly.
2. Once the area is clean, peel off white backing, leaving your decal on the transfer paper with Grids. 
3. Apply Decal to desired surface from one end to the other avoiding bubbles. 
4. Use a card or scraper to push out any air bubbles, and adhere vinyl to your surface.
5. Once all Bubbles are removed, slowly peel back transfer paper with Grids. 
6. While removing the transfer tape, if any part of your design starts to lift, stop pulling and use your card or scraper again to make sure there are no bubbles and it sticks to your surface. 
7. YOU'RE DONE! Bask in the glory of your application and love for Fomo! 


Ships within 5-7 days of order date. No Refunds/Returns.

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